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Sneaker community welcomes a successful long-term partnership between collectID and SONRA.

SONRA is a German sneaker brand that was founded in 2016 and produces exclusively in Germany with an emphasis on sustainability. Around 12 limited colorways are released each year and sold exclusively through their online channel and hand-picked retailers.


SONRA founder Hikmet Sugoer's vision is that the SONRA sneaker should be worn and not resold or stored on a shelf. collectID helps him to realize this vision by providing more control over the resale market. Furthermore, SONRA improved the customer experience by merging personalized, exclusive, and on-going content with the product.


An incredible 65% of customers scanned their sneaker to verify the authenticity and discover additional product content. Customers who tapped into the unique experience had the possibility to pre-purchase the next SONRA sneaker. As a result, SONRA sold 37% of their new collection in advance.


"The start of the partnership with collectID was perfect. The SONRA was sold out within minutes and I was able to offer my community a unique experience" reviewed Hikmed Sugoer. "It definitely whets my appetite for more and I look forward to implementing the collectID technology for further SONRA sneakers."