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Sneaker brand enhances customer engagement and first-party data collection.

collectID helps the high-quality Swiss sneaker brand RUBIROSA engage with their community, create valuable data, and communicate their climate-positive strategy. The peculiarity of this project: RUBIROSA mainly sells its products indirectly through local retail stores. collectID generates missing first-party data for RUBIROSA while supporting those retail stores.


Inspired by one of the icons of the 20th century, Porfirio Rubirosa, the brand embodies elegance and encourages people to celebrate the moment. RUBIROSA is aware of its responsibility towards the climate and is certified as a climate-neutral company that produces climate-positive sneakers. But how does it communicate this to their customers?

collectID is the perfect way to engage customers with a company's mission, and the implementation couldn't be more straightforward. The NFC tags are implemented during production and sewn into the tongue of the sneaker. Customers just hold their smartphone next to the shoe, scan the NFC tag, and they'll receive all relevant information about the product, the company, and insights about sustainability and the supply chain. Furthermore, the app provides RUBIROSA with a direct method of communication to the customer for the first time and presents details on the authenticity and history of the purchased sneaker. As a bonus, when a customer registers their RUBIROSA sneaker in the app, they get the opportunity to plant a tree and filter 10kg of CO2 from the atmosphere every year.

With collectID, RUBIROSA offers its customers an opportunity to not only neutralize their carbon footprint but even generate a positive impact, thus advocating for responsible use of resources. Consequently, the customers are happy that they bought a sneaker and actively helped to do something good for the environment, connecting a positive experience with the brand.

But there are even more significant advantages for RUBIROSA. The company collects essential first-party data through collectID. Since RUBIROSA sneakers mainly sell indirectly through retailers, the company lacked this valuable data before working with collectID. 

These insights are used to adapt products to the specific needs of their customers and to send them targeted product-based push notifications through the collectID app. This allows RUBIROSA to send specific messages to their customers based on the products they own.

RUBIROSA and collectID have worked together for a year and have recently agreed to extend into a long-term partnership. Currently, over 32 different sneaker models include collectID tags. collectID and RUBIROSA are pleased to continue this successful partnership and are looking forward to a prosperous 2021.