Luxury on the blockchain - Giberg and collectID announce partnership


With collectID, Giberg will bring its products on the blockchain to protect authenticity, create an immutable history, and offer individual engagement opportunities.

collectID is pleased to announce its partnership with Giberg and introduce them to the world of blockchain. Every product will have its digital twin on the blockchain, easily accessed by scanning a warranty card with an integrated collectID NFC chip.

Blockchain revolutionizes the industry

Every Giberg product comes with a digital twin on the blockchain. Customers receive a warranty card that has an encrypted NFC chip integrated. They tap their smartphone on the warranty card and receive all relevant information about their specific product. The unique ID on the NFC chip is connected to the watch and safely stored on the blockchain. collectID provides every Giberg product with a transparent and immutable history. Service or warranty events, ownership changes, and other relevant information are securely stored on the blockchain and connected to the watch forever.

For customers, everything becomes much easier with collectID. They have all relevant information stored within their digital portfolio on the smartphone and don’t need to keep track of physical warranty documents. Additionally, customers receive exciting content related to their beloved Giberg products.

Exciting opportunities for watch brands

Giberg collects essential information and generates valuable insights about customers. This helps them understand what customers want, place highly personalized offerings through the collectID app, and opens up unique opportunities for customer segmentation, targeting, and personalized communication through push notifications. The project with Giberg proves the potential of the collectID technology for watch brands and marks the starting point for more exciting collaborations within the industry.