collectID helps Giberg build a new direct digital communication channel


Interview with Andreas Altmann, CEO of Giberg and creator of refined timepieces that combine luxury watchmaking with sculptural art.

What is the meaning of digitalization for Giberg? How did it evolve recently (mainly due to COVID-19)?

We are still beginning and are aware of the importance of this topic.
The COVID 19 situation, in particular, has shown us once again the potential of digitalization. Our goal is to focus more on digital promotion.

What does the collaboration at Giberg and collectID look like?

collectID provides us with the software and hardware to turn our physical products into digital twins stored on the blockchain using NFT (Non-Fungible Token). In this way, we build a new direct digital communication channel to customers and protect our products from counterfeiting.

How time- and effort-intensive was it to set up the partnership?

From my side, the initial effort was minimal. My marketing department was in the lead and regularly exchanged information with collectID. In summary, the effort to start the partnership was very manageable.

What added value do you expect from collectID?

With the help of collectID, I hope to strengthen the loyalty of our customers to Giberg using a membership program and offer them exciting incentives from time to time. I also want to understand our customers better by analyzing the data collected by collectID to send them tailored information via push notifications on their smartphones.

I am very excited about the partnership and look forward to talking about the successes soon.

Andreas Altmann
CEO, Giberg