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FC St. Gallen

The division one football club FC St. Gallen designed, in cooperation with collectID, a limited edition jersey to honor the club legend Marc Zellweger.

FC St. Gallen is not a regular football club. It is the oldest still existing club in continental Europe and has a long history, loyal fanbase, and proud tradition. Even though the club is very proud of its past, FC. St.Gallen is not afraid to step into the future. With collectID, the club opened up a new chapter of customer engagement and became a pioneer in phygitizing its merchandise.

As such, collectID implemented an NFC tag on the limited edition jersey from the club legend Marc Zellweger. One of the main goals of the partnership was to strengthen the bond between the club and the fanbase. It was important to create a personal experience and create positive emotions and a unique experience through technology.

The pilot was very successful as 85% of buyers scanned their jerseys at least once to check their authenticity and 50% registered their jerseys on the collectID app. Moreover, the football club effectively implemented a new method of communication and fan engagement, enhancing the experience of fans, and creating new sales channels. Therefore, a video of Zellweger was accessible to the owners creating an interesting and unique experience.

The project started in December 2019, when the first opportunities for fan engagement were discussed.  As the implementation of the tags is very convenient, collectID was very flexible and ready to adapt to the needs of the club. The limited-edition jersey was released successfully and gained a lot of attention due to its revolutionary technology and positive feedback. Furthermore, new projects and merchandise are planned and collectID is looking forward to new projects.