Beni Huggel

Sports Industry Advisor

Beni Huggel is a former football player who’s spent 12 years playing for FC Basel 1893, two years for Eintracht Frankfurt in the German Bundesliga, and boasts 41 games for the Swiss national team. He’s won twelve titles with FC Basel 1893, has made over 20 appearances in the UEFA Champions League, and rounded off his sports career with three appearances at the World and European Championships. Since his retirement in 2012, Beni has been accompanying the Swiss Super League as an SRF football expert as well as with the Swiss national football team since 2018. In 2015, he founded Beni Huggel bewegt LLC to apply his experience to top-class sport training, coaching, and lectures. This ignited an interest in entrepreneurship and startups and has driven Beni to become actively involved in the startup world and to continuously pursue a variety of investment opportunities. Since 2017, Beni has also been a member of the board of directors for Praxisklinik Rennbahn AG.