About Us

After becoming a victim of counterfeiting, the founders David, Sergio, Jeremy, and Dominik realized the huge potential of using blockchain to prevent it. This brought them to the idea of collectID, founding the company in 2017. 

Over the years, we've grown into a team built of optimistic, dedicated, and passionate individuals who seek new challenges, opportunities, and look forward to realizing new projects. We all share the same aspiration to collectively shape the phygital world and successfully work with you.


David Geisser

Founder & CEO

Jeremy Smith

Co-Founder & Lead Blockchain Engineer

Volodymyr Kosterin

Lead iOS Engineer

Lukas Paschka

Business Development Manager

Rodrigo Garza

Senior Business Development Manager

Sergio Muster

Co-Founder & CHRO

Pascal Mouret

Lead Backend Engineer

Andriy Adermah

Lead Android Engineer

Catarina Ramos

Business Development Manager


Chief Cuteness Officer

Łukasz Buławski

Chief Product Officer

Lucas Geisser

Senior Business Development Manager

Vasylyna Bes

Lead UX/UI Designer

Joel Krummenacher

Business Development Manager

Advisory Board

Christian Stambach

Legal Advisor & President of the Board

Beni Huggel

Sports Industry Advisor

Prof. Falk Uebernickel

Strategic Advisor

Bettina Hein

Strategic Advisor & Board Member

Marco Villiger

Sports Industry Advisor

Bernd Lapp

Blockchain & Crypto Advisor

Jürg Stuker

Technology Advisor

Florian Kohler

Sports & Entertainment Industry Advisor

Philipp Büchel

Blockchain Advisor